The klangzeuger tonstudio stands for the most diverse range of music and styles. Everything is possible from intricately built sounds, interactive sound design and remix productions, to classical sound engineering and orchestration.

Philippe van Eecke devotedly follows his music principles. "Everything is music" is one of his main philosophies which best reflects the heart of what drives his composing and producing. He continuously strives to develop and push into new horizons of music, never settling for just one style.

Whether it be dubbing advertising campaigns, recording business audio books, composing and/or producing tracks for Yvonne Catterfeld, the Söhne Mannheims, Xavier Naidoo, Brothers Keepers, Zeichen der Zeit, Vicky Leandros or Bintia, klangzeuger tonstudio ma is a guarantee for the timely, diverse and efficient realization of ideas.

His spectrum ranges from "acoustic photography" to the recording of naturalsounds, all the way to experimental sound mutation - it all exists within the essence of music.

"Precedence lies with that which does good for the title, composition and realization of music."

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